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March 23, 2010, 3:45 am
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I try not to fetishise ‘stuff’, but I have allllllllmost convinced myself that this is a necessary investment:

Solar Gorilla and Power Gorilla Laptop Combo – SG Combo

$650.00 (including tax)

Product Description

The perfect combination to power your laptop and other power hungry gadgets in remote situations with solar power.  The Solar Gorilla charges up the Power Gorilla with the sun, the Power Gorilla then stores the power for when you need it most and the great thing is that it is powerful enough to solar power laptops and notebooks as not many portable solar chargers on the market have enough energy to do this.  A total portable solar power solution.

The solargorilla is the big brother of the portable solar chargers with it’s 5 volt and 24 volt 500mAh charging capability.  However on it’s own it doesn’t have an internal battery which is where the powergorilla comes in with its slimline battery with a huge storage capacity, enough to power the average laptop or notebook two and a half times.

One of the other great benefits is that the solargorilla has two charging sockets so that it can charge a laptop and a mobile phone at the same time.

The gorillas both come with a neat Neeoprene zip case.

Easy to use, just fold the solargorilla panel up and the solar gorilla is water resistant.


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