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Growing greens
March 10, 2010, 1:44 am
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I planted some endive, silverbeet & tuscan kale for winter – am hoping for good germination as we have a forecast of a drizzly week in the early 20s. I bought a clove of local garlic from the health food store, and am keeping it in the fridge to prep it for planting in a week or so.

I’m still learning about container-gardening in an urban backyard, and we’re not even close to self-suffiency in any kind of plant. I do love being able to spontaneously decide to throw a salad together from the garden, though. I prowl around just before dinner or lunch, and grab a little bit of whatever seems to need eating up, or needs thinning, or has some tasty-looking new growth. Consequently we end up with a tasty mix of amaranth, parsley, mint, rocket, basil, lemon thyme, cos, mizuna, radiccio, silver beet & sometimes collards or purslane in our salads. These home grown meslun salads taste fantastically fresh, and feel incredibly nourishing. Greens need a lot of water, and a lot of regular feeding, but grow prolifically in the limited space (and light) I have available.

I have some broccoli rabe seeds to plant this week, but will wait til the New Moon on Tuesday to give them their best chance.


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