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Catching up
February 17, 2010, 9:50 pm
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We had a lovely weekend away on the coast, and returned bearing organic limes for a new batch of lime cordial; and some local honey.

I had to harvest a couple of figs from my tree, as they were splitting from the rain. One was not quite as ripe as would have liked, but the other was wonderful. I made them into fruit salad with nectarine, banana & a little cinnamon. MrB had his with vanilla icecream, I had lemon sorbet – delicious.

We did a HUGE shop at Aldi when we got home – beans, salsa, veggies, toilet paper, soap… the works. It was $125, but aside from a couple of fruit & veggie top-ups, we won’t need to grocery shop for a least 3 weeks. I also bought 10 packets of mountain bread online, which cost another $25.

I found a good recipe for chilli/cannelini bean relish too, which will use some home-grown chillis (hurrah), but otherwise only uses things we already have in the fridge & pantry. I think it would be good on a vegan ‘big brekkie’ plate, with mushrooms, spinach & toast.

The night we got back I made our old fave chickpea/pumpkin/spinach masala, and realised we’re all out of chutney! I’m aiming to grab a couple of kilos of cheap fruit on the weekend to rectify the dreadful situation. I’ll look for fruit that’s for $3 a kilo or less –  then dig out the recipe. Chutney is pretty forgiving, so just about anything will do 🙂

Mini garden update:

The snowpeas have come up, and the fennel is looking surprisingly good, considering the heat. The tuscan kale seedlings were blasted, as were some of the mizuna and lettuce seedlings, will replant today. Yesterday was starting to feel like Autumn, so I’ll try & get some more bits & pieces in for winter. All the greens & chillis are booming… including the warrigal spinach, which had really been struggling. I gave all the trees some pelleted ‘citrus & rose food’ before we went away, and they seem to have enjoyed it.


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