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Summer gardening update
January 31, 2010, 11:34 pm
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I haven’t planted anything for a couple of weeks as it’s been way too hot. A few volunteer greens have germinated, but other than that, I’ve just kept up the watering and the harvesting. However, if I don’t get some winter veg started now, the garden will be looking pretty bare in a month or two, so I’m taking advantage of the Virgo moon to get a few more greens in.

The bokashi bin has been stewing for a couple of weeks, so I decided to repeat my ‘bokashi potting’ experiment that worked so well in the big foam box with the lettuces, parsley & cucumber.

I dumped the end of a bag of potting mix into the bottom of a foam box, then spread the bokashi mix on top on the soil, and covered with more potting mix. The inner layer of well-fermented bokashi seems to break down pretty quickly, and by the time the seeds have germinated, they’re on the way to being VERY well fed.

I planted freckles lettuce, mizuna and molokhia aka egytian spinach. The molokhia is reputed to be pretty hard to grow in Aus – I havve some sephardic jewish friends who basically rely on frozen for that reason. Still, I’d like to try it fresh, & am willing to give it a go.

I also planted 4 re-used toilet paper rolls/seedling tubes of my all time fave, tuscan kale. Apparently it likes a head-start in seed raising mix, and I am more than willing to nurse it along.


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