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Quick garden update – post work trip
January 22, 2010, 4:25 pm
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I had to go away for 6 days, and left MrB in charge of the garden & the worms. The growth in a week was amazing – as was the rampant onset of powdery mildew (sigh).

The mystery vine I thought was a watermelon has revealed itself to be a rockmelon – there ya go.

The tomatoes are ripening, the lettuces & cukes still look great, the herbs & spinach are all looking good. The fruit trees are frisky, & the new passionfruit vine is starting to take off. Alas the hanging baskets seem really dry, & may need to be abandoned – til winter at least.

My dwarf lemon AND multigraft citrus have leaf curl – will need to wait til the weather cools to spray them, though. I’ll give them some seaweed in their water in the meantime, to help them through the heat. I’ve also put a bottle of water in the freezer to help keep the wormfarm cool tomorrow – the forecast is 40 degrees.


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