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Garden Update – mystery solved
January 10, 2010, 9:24 pm
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The mystery vine is definitely a watermelon. I’ve never grown one before, so am looking forward to the harvest.

The new tomatoes are continuing to ripen, though the plants themselves have nasty wilt.

Lettuces, chillis, cucumber and all herbs are happily on the rampage. All the fruit trees are happy, though one of my grafted stone fruits has leaf curl. Nothing I can do about it til the weather cools down, though.

The rocket I planted around the passionfruit vine has come straight up – the seed was harvested from old plants, so it’s extra satisfying.

The warrigal spinach in baskets is still really struggling. I’m going to plant a new batch in a foam box, & see how that goes. The sweet potato vine is going beautifully, as are the jerusalem artichokes. Still no pumpkins, either from the ones I planted OR from the self-sown vine. Hmmm.

And last but not least… the worms are happily settled in, though they’re not eating much yet.

I ordered seed for planting after I get back from the UK… including broccoli rabe, which I’m hoping will be feistier than the broccoli I grew last year, though I’m more than ready to believe the fault lay with me, not the broccoli. I’ll be consulting my Gardening Australia ‘Brassicas’ fact sheet for extra prep this year. I’ll start my tuscan kale in seedraising mix this year too, then plant it into the larger container once it gets going – apparently it appreciates a bit of coddling when it’s young. It’s one of my fave winter veggies, so I want A LOT  of it.


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