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Worm farm is GO!
January 6, 2010, 1:17 am
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I scored one of these worm farms on freecycle in the middle of the year, and I’ve FINALLY set it up. It had a broken clip on one of the legs, but MrB mended it with a couple of bulldog clips. We cracked & bought 500 starter worms at Bunnings this morning, but I’m hoping to source some more on freecycle in the next couple of weeks.

I made them a bed of damp shredded newspaper, with a light covering of spent potting mix & mulch. Then I spread the worms out in one corner, & covered them with a damp hessian sack, as per instructions. I popped a little hand-full of sprouts in the corner, too, for when they get peckish. Following a tip from my permaculture teacher, I’m leaving the tap open, with a small bucket under it, in case any worms fall in the bottom level (they can’t swim!). I’ve chocked up the other end with one of MrB’s wooden offcuts, so it drains freely. The farm is in a nice shady spot, under the overgrown star jasmine outside our back door – I hope the little fellas are happy in their new home.


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