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Rainy house & garden update
December 27, 2009, 10:36 pm
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I’m about to go to Northern NSW for 4 nights over New Year and it’s raining here & there. The rain has been good – it’s fallen on western NSW which is magic for them. BUT I’m worried it might be a bit too wet in a few days. I went out yesterday & pulled off all the wilted leaves, but I think it’s going to be impossible to avoid powdery mildew in this weather.

At any rate, I harvested my first cuke yesterday, which was lovely, and there are more to come. I had a delicious salad with cucumber, garden greens & herbs, my tomatoes, some storebought avocado & some baked, marinated tofu.

I pitted & froze half a kilo of cherries, and also froze a half a dozen overripe bananas from the bargain table at the fruit shop. I need to make the nectarine salsa today… I think I will stew the plums & freeze them for later too. I’m also going to make a big batch of roast tomato/veggie pasta sauce. I cook all the veg in the oven rather than on the stovetop – it makes them lovely & caramelised.

I’m flying up North, but one of my caravan-mates is driving. Since she & our other co-habiter are carnivores, and we’re staying a fair way from the shops, I suspect they will be eating sausages etc relentlessly. Luckily I discovered a Turkish deli in my old neighboourhood that stocks a huge range of tinned goodies like dolmades, stewed chickpeas in tomato sauce, iman bayaldi – even tinned hummus (bland, but edible). I stocked up on these, plus some soymilk & muesli, & put the bag in the boot of my mate’s car last weekend when she was over for pre-Xmas catch-ups. I don’t generally eat out of cans, but as vegan tinned food goes, this stuff is pretty good, and it means I’ve basically paid for all my meals in advance. I’m sure we’ll go out to eat a couple of times, but Northern NSW is not called ‘the Rainbow Region’ for nothin- I’m sure there will be plenty of veggo food to be had 🙂


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