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Plans for 2010
December 27, 2009, 8:27 am
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I wouldn’t call this a resolution, but I have a couple of plans for 2010. The first is to track my spending for a month, to see exactly where my money goes. I’ll record all my spending on the ‘notes’ page in my diary.

Aside from a couple of regular debits, I have a 0 balance on my credit card at present. I’ve raised my automatic savings transfer (to the home-buying account), but will also start squirrelling some extra $$ into the account I use for HECS and other big, irregular expenses. I’d like to sock away an extra $1000 in that account by March.

I’d also like to get more efficient with menu planning. We’re pretty good at buying the right amount & minimising waste, but we could get even better. I’m going to work through some of our pantry items, too, & use up the things we don’t eat much of, so we can re-organise the space to store more of the things we *do* eat.


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