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Cherry Jam and Boxing Day sloth
December 25, 2009, 11:43 pm
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I bought 2 kilos of cherries on the 23rd, and made a batch of cherry jam. I’m keen to get some low/no sugar pectin soon, as I actually prefer my jam on the less sweet side, but Jamsetta needs quite a bit of sugar to set. I used my fabulous new cherry/olive pitter for the first time, & it was magnificent. It’s an Oxo goodgrips deluxe version with splatter guard, which cost nearly $25, but was worth every penny. 2 kilos pitted with no hand cramp – hurrah!

I’ll be interested to see what the texture is like – after I bottled it, I realised I had followed the timing directions for both the Aussie method (boil about 10 mins, then bottle) and the US water process method (boil 1 min, then water bath for 10 mins). Ah well, cherries are a low pectin fruit, so even though I added lemon juice I’m hoping it won’t be rubbery.

I have a kilo of nectarines and a half kilo of plums in the fridge. The peach salsa was so amazing, I think I need to make the nectarines into salsa, too. I’ll use the plums to make crumble… with candied ginger I think. It’s cold & rainy today, though, and I think mostly I’m just going to celebrate my first day of hols with no visits or duties by reading in bed.

I do have a holiday ‘to-do’ list, though, which includes a fair bit of organising, de-cluttering & freecycling. I’m going to do it Flylady style, setting a timer and working 30 minutes at a time, so I don’t go nuts.


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