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Avocados and other bits & pieces
December 9, 2009, 3:59 am
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I LOVE avocados, and have been struggling to grow them from pits. They take minimum 5 years to fruit, so I decided I’d better stop mucking around & get serious 🙂 Hence, I bit the bullet today and ordered a couple from the nursery – a Hass & a Fuerte, which should pollinate each other happily. While I was there I set up a ‘my fruit trees’ site, which you can check out here.

I’m taking a mental health day today (in lieu of all the weekends I’ve been working lately), so have been lazing around, doing not much. In addition to buying the fruit trees, I also purchased a ceramic water filter, in order to build one of these DIY filters I learned about on the Just In Case Blog. Our local food coop is giving away buckets at the moment, so the timing is good. So that’s about $100 spent without leaving the house, BUT it’s all investment spending, so I’m ok with it.

Other than that I’ve given my veggies some food & water, cooked up a nice lunch of leftovers, & whacked some kidney beans, onions, garlic, capsicum, sweet potato & spices  into the crock pot. I’ll freeze the results in meal sized portions, & use it as filling for tacos or wraps. Not a super productive day, but pretty good.


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Yay for you and your new filter! It’s such peace of mind knowing that you’ll have safe drinking water when/if the SHTF.

Comment by Andrea

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