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House & garden update
November 29, 2009, 3:17 am
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My new coriander didn’t survive the transplant, but the parsley is fine, the heat resistant cos has sprouted & looks happy, & the new cucumber has settled right in. I have 2 lemonbalm plants coming up from what was more or less broadcast seeding – obviously the seeds are not as fresh as they could be.

MONTHS ago I put 2 organic avocado pips in a plastic bag of damp peat moss, as recommended in a gardening book. One just grew mould, but the other has finally sprouted, so I’ve planted it in a little pot. No leaves yet, but it’s pretty happy so far. Obviously I will need to make some friends for it so I can have actual fruit one day – they need companions for fertilisation.

And speaking of fertilisation, despite lots of insects in the garden (including bees), the pumpkin flowers aren’t making babies. Not sure what the solution is there.

The old tomatoes are still fruiting (not ripe yet though), & new tomatoes are growing like crazy, & will need to be planted out this week. I have some beans that will be ready for harvest this week, too. My fig tree has 2 figs growing nicely, too.


Mr B’s second batch of beer should be ready for tasting this week, & he’s just started the ‘plant’ for a batch of ginger beer. He’s using an old 750 ml tahini jar that he suspects might be too small. Fortunately I spotted a ‘free’ box up the road with a 1.5 ltr jar in it, which I have brought home for the next batch.

I wrote up a quasi-menu plan last weekend, & tried it (sucessfully) last week. Will be away a lot this week, so may not get back to it til Wed.


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