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Small achievements
November 22, 2009, 10:13 pm
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I have had a crazy work life over the last 3 weeks, & it’s going to continue almost all the way til Xmas. I realise, of course, I’m not the only one – my friend F is a high-school teacher, and they’re running junior exams in the last week of term.

So although I’m not doing as much house & garden stuff as I would like, I’m going to give myself credit for the things I am doing, ie

Living up to this blog’s name ie tying plants up & caning them For Their Own Good (mmm bwa ha ha haaa). This was very timely – I think a couple of plants would have blown away last night if I hadn’t secured them.

Cooking a new recipe – the Millenium Restaurant Cookbook’s veggie paella (recipe here). I adapted it a bit according to Mr B’s palate (using artichoke hearts instead of olives), and what we had in the fridge (substituting a bunch of asparagus for one of the zucchini). I used Sanitarium ‘sundried tomato & olive’ veggie sausage (bought on sale & frozen a few months back) and added smoked paprika to the seasonings. I also used a bit of my home-made preserved lemon instead of fresh orange zest, and didn’t bother with the aioli.

The results were fantastic, & we have 2 lunchboxes a piece to enjoy at work over the next couple of days.

This morning I’m going to repot some seedlings in a mega foam box. I’ll be pulling out some older plants from the box, dumping in the stinky contents of the bokashi bucket, covering it all with compost & soil, then planting tomatoes, lebanese cucumber, parsley & coriander. Fingers crossed re the bokashi burial – it can get very smelly in the heat!

Update: Repotting done! I dug out quite a bit of potting mix from the top, spread the (not too stinky) bokashi over the top, then replaced the soil & planted  out punnets of coriander & parsley, and broadcast the heat resistant cos lettuce seeds quite thickly in the rest of the pot. I popped the lebanese cucumbrr in one corner, so I can train it up the fence. Then, taking advantage of the cool weather, I gave some of the most caterpillar-ravaged plants a good spray with seaweed/neem/soapy water. Hopefully that plus the cooler day will be good for them.


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