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Gardening update 4
November 18, 2009, 10:00 pm
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First the bad news: the rat problem continues, and I’m fairly certain they are laughing in our faces.

However, the warmer weather means everything’s growing beautifully. New purslane, tomatoes, and lemon balm are all coming up. The golden nugget pumpkins are flowering, and I’m pretty sure I can see a couple of females, which means PUMPKINS.

Lots of tomatoes coming along, though one of the principe borghese plants has been knocked down by something (could be a cat, rat or bird – we have visits from all of them), so I’ll need to do some staking on the weekend.

The jerusalem artichokes have copped some heavy caterpillar infestation (I find 3 or 4 every morning), but they seem to be distracting the caterpillars from the tomatoes, which is good. Really I’m growing them for the tubers, not the leaves, so it’s ok if they get a bit ratty. I have a ‘sacrificial’ nasturtium plant going nuts next to the toms too, so hopefully the tasty leaves & pretty flowers are distracting lots of bugs.

On the bug front, the dwarf lemon has suffered a low-level scale attack, but my manual search-and-destroy mission seems to be enough to stay on top of it. I just follow the trail of ants and pick the scale off with my fingers.

I’m hoping to re-pot the tommy toe tomatoes this weekend, and plant some wild rocket and ‘heat-resistant’ cos lettuce as well. I scored 4 free packets of seed as my ‘Christmas present’ from the Diggers Club, and the rocket & cos were part of the bounty.

In a fit of inspiration, I asked my family for a couple of fruit salad trees for Xmas – multi-graft citrus & stone fruit trees. They don’t fruit for a couple of years, but once they do you get fruit across the seasons. They live in pots quite happily, too. Very excited 🙂


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