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Frugal vegan dinner for 6
November 10, 2009, 10:19 pm
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I have a nefarious scheme afoot to seduce my neighbours into a vegan dinner co-op. The first step will be cooking dinner tonight, to celebrate V’s new job. Although I’m cooking, we’re going to eat a V & S’ house, as they have a dining table & we don’t 🙂

I’m cooking a black bean tamale pie from the Millenium Restaurant Cookbook, which I’ll serve with the peach salsa I made on the weekend, some avo slices, soy sour cream & a salad.  I already have all the ingredients I need, except for a bunch of coriander, a couple of avocados, a lettuce & a tomato for my salad, and the soy sour cream. To be honest I would make (or do without) the sour cream if it was just me, but for a dinner with omnivores, I think it’s worth adding faux dairy.

The whole cost of dinner for 6 (minus spices) is around $15.00. And the tamale pie recipe serves 8, so it will be generous. I’m going to put the beans on now in the slow cooker, which means all we need to do tonight is mix the crust, assemble & bake; plus throw a salad together. Too easy.

Post dinner update: The meal was a hit!

Although the recipe said ‘serves 8’, in reality it served 6 with one leftover slice for tomorrow’s lunch. The soy sour cream was the priciest ingredient (4.95 a tub), but I’m glad I bought it, as one guest turned out to be allergic to coriander, so couldn’t eat the salsa. He would have been deprived without the sour cream. Everyone likes the idea of the ‘neighbours meals’, and our friend/neighbour T will cook next time. All in all, a winner.


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