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Gardening update 3
October 29, 2009, 9:29 pm
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We’ve had a bit of rain & cool weather, but the garden is still ticking along.

The warrigal spinach has come up, & the new pomegranate has settled in. The tuscan kale & broccoli are pretty tatty – I think I’ll pull them up & resuse their container. I need to ponder the right planting – it needs to be something that will enjoy a deeper pot, but that doesn’t need too much sun. Collards perhaps?

I’ll put some lemon balm in today in a shallower pot.

We have tonnes of fat little skinks in the yard – hopefully eating any nasty creepy crawlies. I’m using an iron-based pellet for snails & slugs – it claims to be safe for pets & birds, I hope it’s also safe for lizards.

All the tomatoes are flowering now, & I’d like to give them a good feed, plus plant a second lot of plants for later in summer (I have Tommy Toe seeds ready to go). I sourced some compost on freecycle, which I’ll go pick up tomorrow.

The hanging basket strawberries are a bit small – I think some compost will do them good.

I was mystified by the swarms of vinegar flies… until Mr B reminded me that he chucked the homebrew dregs into the garden. I imagine the flies will move on once the tasty fermentation scraps settle down.


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