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6 super handy (but atypical) pantry ingredients
October 27, 2009, 11:05 am
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I’ve never seen a stockpile or pantry list that includes these, but they store beautifully & I use them all the time.

Vital wheat gluten (aka gluten flour)

Long-lasting, pure protein, improves bread, key ingredient for seitan, & firms up your veggie burgers.

Kombu sea vegetable

Full of minerals (including iodine), adds flavour (in the form of natural msg), and helps legumes soften. I add a 3-5cm piece when I cook beans.

Almond ‘drinking powder’

I use the unsweetened kind – it’s like almond milk powder. Not exactly local (mine is imported from Taiwan) but tasty for baking & smoothies, & it’s not soy. There are lots of different kinds – red bean, grain, walnut… I’m guessing you could experiment with making them at home if you had a good grinder. Almonds are a good source of protein, calcium & potassium.

Egg replacer powder

Not super nutritious – but again, it’s not soy, & lasts forever.


Easy to buy & store in large amounts (if you live near middle eastern groceries). Naturally resists rancidity, full of calcium & protein. Super tasty in dips & salad dressings, adds a lovely creaminess to dairy-free dishes.

Nutritional yeast

Good source of B12 (but check the label), makes vegan sauces ‘cheezy’. Very tasty & savoury.


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