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The joy of leftovers
October 25, 2009, 10:27 pm
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Margaret Fulton was an Australian cookbook guru in the ’60s and ’70s. Her daughter & granddaughter have just released their own cookbook, The Thrifty Kitchen, which has a great focus on cooking from scratch, & cooking with leftovers. I’m not going to get it myself, as I was raised on this kind of cooking – my grandma grew up in the Great Depression, & my parents were graduate students in the ’70s (which was very like the 30s in terms of thrift, but with more wheat germ).

I concocted a triumph of leftover cuisine on Saturday night, using a cup of cooked chickpeas & some mushroom gravy (both leftover from the cutlets), which I sauteed with an onion & some greens from the garden. I stirred in a couple of chopped olives, wrapped in the last two sheets of mountain bread, topped with leftover pasta sauce, & baked for about 40 mins. The results were fantastic. I think the secret of cooking with leftovers is a) don’t keep’em too long (or freeze them asap if you you plan to keep’em), and b) take time to think about complimentary flavours & add something fresh (ie the garden greens) to pick the flavour up.


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