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Gardening Update 2
October 22, 2009, 10:16 pm
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The weather is still odd – we had nearly a 10 degree C variation over the past couple of days.

My fennel died, will try again.

I have full-fledged flowers on the volunteer tomato plant, & buds forming on one of the principe borgeses I grew from seed. The other 2 are not far behind.

The chilli plants are doing very well, despite being sadly neglected over winter. All the herbs & greens are revving along, and the neem/seaweed spray seems to have encouraged the pumpkin.

The fig tree is growing a couple of branches, which is promising. Not sure what’s happening inside my hessian sack of potatoes. The greens are growing wildly, but I will have to burrow in & see if I can feel anything in the dirt & mulch.

My garlic greens were attacked by some kind of sap-sucking bug & seem to have wheezed & died. I pulled one up as an experiment, & a teeny bulb of four cloves has set. I think garlic really needs richer soil, but it was promising experiment. I kept the cloves in the fridge for 3 weeks before I planted them, to fake midwinter… it seemed to convince them 🙂

I’m considering planting more collards… the first 3 I grew are tiny, but have hung in even when attacked by caterpillars. They’re fairly heat resistant, so I think I’ll give it a go. I’ll pick up some worm poo from my sister’s worm farm to encourage them.

I’ll need to get some kind of canes or other support for the beans – will take a trip to Reverse Garbage.

Edited to add: The trip was a success! I found three poles already cut to the same length that I can use to build a teepee for my beans. I also scored a homely but inconspicuous black metal cd tower to hold the cds I still listen to. Plus I walked both ways, so can count the trip as my exercise du jour (I did some crunches & lunges etc when I got home to round out the workout). They’re having a party tomorrow night as part of their 350 event – sounds like fun.


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