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October 17, 2009, 9:00 pm
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I was reading Sandor Katz’ book, The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved, last night. I like it a lot – Katz is enthusiastic, the book is well-researched & well-referenced, and most importantly, Katz is politicised & clear about his beliefs, but remains open to a diversity of ways of eating & being in the world. I share his respect for nutritionist Annemarie Colbin, whose website is here.

Like Colbin (& Katz), I believe there is no single optimum diet that suits everyone, all the time. People grow up with genetic predispositions or allergies to certain foods, they migrate to different places with different climates, they change they way they live – their nutritional needs change, too. I get really annoyed by people who push their preferred diet (be it macrobiotics, blood type diet or raw foods) as the only way to eat. My approach has been to read & inform myself, then try & listen to the way my body responds to dietary changes, and go with that. Food is about health, but it’s also about pleasure, & nourishment on all levels. I like the Chinese 5-phase approach (which Colbin explains very well), because it takes account of your body type, your personality & moods, the climate in which you live, and the seasonal changes within that climate. It doesn’t offer magic bullets, & I respect that.

I’ll give Colbin the final word (from her blog):

“Finally, two words about guilt:  Forget it.  It’s a useless emotion around eating.  Either enjoy the food you’re eating to the fullest, or don’t eat it.  And if you’ve eaten something you think is no good for you, hold off with the guilt.  Instead, pay careful attention to the results of your gastronomic adventures – see how you feel, act, sleep, if you get pimples or hives, and how your stomach reacts.  In other words, whatever you eat, consider it RESEARCH!  That is how you get to be an expert on the effects of food on your own health.”


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