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Gardening update
October 16, 2009, 9:54 pm
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My pumpkins & beans are still being mauled by a mystery bug – probably some kind of leaf miner. I sprayed last night with a homemade mix of soapy water with a few drops of neem oil & some seaweed powder. If the bugs are, as I suspect, in the leaves, it may not help, but we’ll see.

8 coriander plants have come up, only one fennel (but that shouldn’t be a problem).

Purslane is growing slowly, but may need more heat to really take off – we’re having a very cool, windy spring.

The volunteer tomato is flowering, & the 3 principe borgese tom plants are coming along.

All the herbs are on the rampage.

I gave everything I could a good mulch of spent mushroom compost… seems to be making the plants happy, especially the chillis, which have started to flower.

Yesterday I buried the latest bin-full of bokashi gunk, & covered it with a heap of spent potting mix from 4 hanging baskets. The worms should come up pretty quickly & start breaking the pile down, & mixing the goodies through. Even though we had a heap of rain a week or so ago, the gardenbed (which is a patch less than a metre square under a ton of trees & shrubs) was very dry. I need to keep up on watering my pots… the wind sucks out the moisture very quickly. I have a small bale of lucerne mulch, so will top that up this weekend.

I’m experimenting more with lunar planting, so won’t put my next seeds in (lemon balm, warrigal spinach, collards) until Monday or Tuesday, ie after the new moon.


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