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Only one in ten Australians can perform CPR – yikes!
October 15, 2009, 9:47 pm
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According to this study, “only about one in 10 people know how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation properly and one in three would not treat a collapsed child despite extensive research showing CPR by a bystander can dramatically increase the chances of survival.”

I have held a St Johns senior first aid certificate on & off since I was working in childcare back in the late ’80s. The main thing I gained was a) an understanding of what I could & couldn’t do to help someone, & b) confidence that I could do what I needed to do in a crisis. I did the training again a couple of years back, & thought it had become much, much simpler & more straightfoward. Mr B & I did it together, and both of us had to use our general ‘dealing with an injured person’ skills within a couple of weeks. I helped an elderly man who had a fall crossing the road, Mr B helped his downstairs neighbour who hit a tree with his car  at speed (coming out of their driveway – long story involving a bad reaction to medication, neighbour was ok in the long run).

The trainer emphasised how important it is to at least try get a collapsed person’s heart going (if you’re too uncomfortable giving mouth-to-mouth). I carry a mini first aid kit now, that includes a mouth shield, so I could give CPR without squeamishness to most people if I had to. I did have gloves, too for dealing with blood etc, but haven’t carried them for a while. This article has really prompted me to do some revision!


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