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Budgeting 2: things I don’t do to save money
October 15, 2009, 10:45 pm
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I don’t:

Buy snacks or drinks when I’m out, because I bring water & nibbles in my bag.

Buy coffee or tea at work, because I have a stash of teabags in my office (and I donated a coffee maker to our communal kitchen).

Buy magazines, or ‘recreational reading’ anymore. I get my magazine fix at the hairdresser, & buy novels from local opshops or second-hand shops.

Eat out or buy takeaway on a regular basis. I used to have lunch or dinner in a cafe 1-4 times a week, now I always have something to cook at home. I do still eat out on occasion, but it’s a deliberate treat shared with friends & family, not a default setting.

Buy small packs of groceries that I can buy in bulk for less (ie rice, dried legumes, flour, nuts). And I don’t buy ‘specialty foods’ from delis in glitzy neighbourhoods – only from markets where the people for whom these ingredients are not ‘exotic’ would buy them.

Pay for a landline, or a regular mobile phone contract. I use a prepaid plan with a cap.

Turn the heater on until I’ve put on an extra jumper & pulled the doona over me while I work & it’s still too cold.

Shop for relaxation or recreation (except for window-shopping).

Use the dryer unless it’s been pouring for weeks & the clothes on the drying racks are getting mildewed before they dry.

Wear panty-hose, or clothes that need dry-cleaning more than absolutely necessary (ie once or twice a year).

Obviously the title of this post has a double meaning. There are things I could do to save that I don’t do at present, ie make pastry rather than buying the frozen version, use only dried beans instead of tins. I still buy this kind of ‘convenience food’, and I’m well aware it’s an area where I could cut back.


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