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October 14, 2009, 12:05 am
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I eat mostly vegan – largely for ethical reasons, but also because I never particularly liked to be near, or to touch raw meat when I was growing up. I suspect I’m slightly lactose intolerant too – drinking a whole glass of milk often left me a bit nauseous when I was a kid.

Anyway, as a largely sedentary 42 year old who can tend to moodiness, I have to watch my intake of various nutrients. For this reason I favour  almonds & figs or  dried apricots as snacks. I just ate 12 almonds & 2 figs as a morning snack, which doesn’t sound like much. It was really satisying though, and gave me a good bump of calcium, EFAs, protein, fibre & even a little iron. It also gives me a sweet treat without a sugar spike – I am a wreck if my blood sugar gets too low.

I adore greens, especially if they’re strong flavoured, but my partner doesn’t share my passion. Unfortunately, our ‘compromise’ vegan meals have gotten a bit heavy on the potatoes, pasta, bread & rice lately. Not that any of those things are bad, but when I fill up on those at the expense of veggies, my pants get tight. Coming into spring I’m feeling uncomfortably squeezed into my clothes, so I’ve negotiated a couple of weeks of ‘no compromise’ dinners for me (Mr B is happy to fend for himself on those nights).  I’m making a special effort to keep my breakfasts & lunches high in veggies & protein sources (legumes, tofu, tempeh etc), and reasonably low in stodge.

Meals so far this week include:

Breakfasts: tofu/broccoli ‘frittata’ with a small green apple, banana/raspberry smoothie with soymilk & a scoop of rice protein powder.

Lunches: roast zucchini, capsicum, fennel, cauliflower, watercress, tofu & walnut salad; chilli bean wraps with avocado

Dinners: Lentil soup with extra greens, veggie stirfry with tofu & cashews; roast pumpkin, asparagus, mixed greens, avocado & chickpea salad.

My plan is to keep up a good mixed intake of food, get a half hour walk in everyday for a couple of weeks to boost my stamina, then lift my activity levels from there.

Could I eat the way I want if I had to eat locally grown food only? I suspect I could to some extent, but it would take a LOT more planning & stockpiling, and a lot more growing space & sun in my garden. That’s something I’m continuing to think about.


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