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Urban homesteading?
October 6, 2009, 4:39 am
Filed under: food, gardening, home & hearth, independence days

I just discovered the Urban Homesteaders web ring.

They define urban homesteading as follows:

For urbanites only who have merged off the freeway of life onto a more sustainable path. The community’s mission is to bcommunity together city folks on the path. Urban homesteaders who are taking steps to live a more self sufficient life in regards to their food, energy, water, waste, transportation, lifestyle and more. :: Community Outline :: Definition of “Urban”: less than or no more than 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre. Urban Homesteading Lifestyle Guidelines: Doing more with less, growing a sizeable % (at least 50 percent) own produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs), raising citified animals (at least chickens, rabbits), composting, vermicomposting producing own alternative energy, alternative heating, using alternative transportation, back to basics skills (food preservation, soapmaking, sewing, breadmaking, etc), simple living, powecommunity down [sic], unplugged lifestyle, homegrown diet, operating a viable home based business, home-unschooling, energy and waters conservation practices, greywater and rainwater practices and more! Being the change we wish to see by living the solution on a daily basis.

I’m so near, yet so far… I would love to say I raised 50%of my own food at home… but my backyard is about 2 metres by 6 meters, and in shade about half the day, so it’s more like 1%. I compost with my bokashi bin, and have a worm farm I’m yet to fill with worms. I’d love to have chickens or quails, but since I’m opposed to battery cages, it’s just not possible right now. My partner runs a home-based business – but from his biz partner’s home. Ah well, baby steps 🙂


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