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How does the garden grow?
October 1, 2009, 12:24 am
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For a garden largely planted in scavenged pots & foam boxes, I’m doing pretty well.

My dwarf lemon tree is going off- new leaves, new flowerbuds au go go. I suspect I fed it at the wrong time, so will have more leaves than fruit this year, but I’m learning. Endive & silverbeet planted in July are booming, mixed lettuce planted a little earlier is trying to go to seed, as is the coriander, the winter spinach & the tuscan kale. I’m harvesting wildly to keep them all producing a bit longer. My spring onions are  flowering, as is some of the older rocket. (I’m letting plants flower before I pull them out, to attract more friendly bugs & birds).

The snowpeas have died & the broccoli produces enough greens to add to a salad or sandwich, no more… & I get a strawberry or two every couple of days. Not exactly self-sufficency, but they’re still doing something.I gave up on trying to get my passionfruit vine to grow above the graft, and am just letting it do what it wants to do.

I have new lettuces & parsley on the go, and the chives have launched into spring growth. Plus the mint, corn salad/mache & scented geraniums I bought from the nursery a few weeks ago have all settled in nicely. The fig tree has new leaves & fruit starting, so do the chillies & basil that I thought would die over winter. The jerusalem artichokes are going mad – their box is also hosting two volunteer tomato plants. I’ve planted out two toms & two ‘bush pumpkin’ seedlings, too. I have pumpkins in a hessian sack, a volunteer choko vine and some experimental garlic plants… and lots & lots of bugs.

I have seen wasps, spiders & ladybirds so I do have plenty of predators… but I’m worried that something is infesting my pumpkins & making them unhappy, so I may crack & get out the soapy spray in a couple of days.


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